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PIE is a layman’s exploration of what happens when you don't know what to do next, inspired by the Carl Sagan quote, "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe..." and the Kate Tempest poem Brand New Ancients, "Yes, the gods are on the park bench, the gods are on the bus, / The gods are all here, the gods are in us."

Grottesco’s take on these two brilliant fragments is a deeply relevant and moving journey across the universe, down the Grand Canyon and into a world of questions about societal pressures, identity, hopelessness, greed, and the toxic muddy trickle at the end of a once raging river. Grottesco uses its broad stylistic palette to create surprise and wonder as it holds up a mirror to the current state of the planet and its people, while sneaking up on life’s great questions.

Simply put, ​four lovable fools arrive at a panel discussion where the moderator doesn't show up. They have a collective nervous breakdown, unleashing their inner gods, and accidentally destroy and reinvent the universe.


The performance defies description... superb in its execution and imagination...

- Talkin' Broadway

If there was tap dancing in it, I would have died. I've gone to the theater several times a week, for the last ten years, and this is my very favorite.

- Audience Member


...suddenly Apollo Garcia Orellana was bathed in stark white light, talking straight from the broken heart of his character, a ruddy youth minister in training. In the hands of a less capable, less genuine actor, the script's turn toward a guaranteed tear-jerker would feel cheap—but here, it was brutal. I didn't even realize I was crying until I was absolutely blubbering. Like a child, I tell you.

- The Santa Fe Reporter

I never understood poetry when we studied it in school, but this was poetry for the stage, and I understood it because you welcomed me into it.

- Audience Member

Thank you for the silence and for trusting us.

- Audience Member

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