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Another One from NYC

"Quarantina has afforded us the opportunity to reflect, hasn't it? On structures of oppression and dominance, for example. (cough, cough!) Sorry to make you uncomfortable! I started my quarantine in a basement apartment in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens, poring over a broken heart, creating new work, writing until the wee hours of the morning, and walking, walking, walking, walking (ten feet away from everyone, masked). And then, with the rest of the caring world, I jumped into the fray to march, march, march (still masked). Now 45's federal police are bombarding cities. I'm riding the waves of collective anxiety, in the good company of a new friend and collaborator in Harlem. Writing and breathing and moving and playing and asking many questions.

I also eat food and drink water and play with my friend's dog and laugh." —Karen Light, Grottesco ensemble member

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