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Koppany's "House" Tour

We’ve all been isolating a little too long. Some of us have experienced moments when the veil between our old 'normal world' and maybe the world of buffoons has gone a little thin. The buffoon below has not only seen into that world, he’s made the plunge. This is a little taste of next month'sThe King Without a Kingdom.

“Isolation has a way of peeling away a person’s social filter. Which, at it’s most basic, is the buffoon. It’s an uninhibited creature of impulse and honesty, no matter the consequences. In this piece, I was just enjoying life without reigns, while making fun of some of my creature comforts.”

—Koppany Pusztai

The King Without a Kingdom will be available to stream on Vimeo, Mid October. There will be a nightly Zoom Talkback with cast members at 7:00 pm MDT.

Watch our website and newsletter for the link, and stay tuned for more information on The King Without a Kingdom. 

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