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The King Without a Kingdom

After DIFFERENT, Grottesco’s 2019 production, the cast continued researching extreme physical ensemble. Would our discoveries from Tragedy work with Buffoonery? These are the two largest physical theatre styles, as Tragedy speaks to the Gods, Buffoonery speaks to the devil. Making them mirror styles. 

Before we could test our physical and vocal discoveries, we had to create Buffoon characters. These are traditionally the King’s Fools, the only ones permitted to speak truth to power. A despotic medieval king, called “fool!” for some outlandish action, could drag an outcast before the people from one of the strange communities living in the forest and say, “I’m no fool. Here’s a fool!” 

To discover a Buffoon character, Grottesco starts physically altering bodies, rhythms, walks and voices with the hope that the changes will push us into new emotional states and ways of relating to the world. Always there is the notion that these people have nothing to lose.  Below is a tiny peak into this world. Stay tuned for our upcoming Buffoon show, The King Without a Kingdom

Performance Schedule: Theater Grottesco will present The King Without a Kingdom via Vimeo On Demand from October 22nd through October 25th. The link will be available on Vimeo and the Theater Grottesco website at Audience members can tune in to the video stream from their own homes and join Grottesco artists for nightly talkbacks via Zoom.

6:00 pm MT Thursday, October 22 | ZOOM TALKBACK 6:00 pm MT Friday, October 23 | ZOOM TALKBACK 6:00 pm MT Saturday, October 24 | ZOOM TALKBACK 6:00 pm MT Sunday, October 25 | ZOOM TALKBACK

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