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The King Without A Kingdom

Originally entitled THE OTHER, set to open in mid-March, this is a companion piece to 2019’s DIFFERENT. Both are improvisations where fearless performers fly without a net held aloft by an invisible structure of physical and vocal ‘prompts’ along with stories they know but have not memorized.  


THE OTHER celebrated a family of Buffoons summoned to entertain the King’s Court. Since COVID hit, our medieval buffoons are now contemporary pandemic isolators who have spent a little too much time alone. Each buffoon has filmed themselves in the safety of their own home. Together, they share a fairy tale about the son of a wealthy landlord who dreams of becoming King. Grottesco’s longtime video collaborators at Lightningwood Productions will edit the 5 versions into the craziest live stream event yet.


Performers are Susan Skeele, Susie Perkins, and Myriah Duda from the DIFFERENT cast, along with Koppany Pusztai and Ali Tallman under the guidance of Grottesco artistic director, John Flax. 

The King Without a Kingdom is available now for pre-order. The production will stream Oct 22-Oct 25

View our King Without A Kingdom Program to learn more about the creative team and our sponsors:

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