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What an audience sees on stage is an undeniably powerful piece of the theatrical experience. Movement, action, gesture, stillness, the imagery of the ensemble and of the individual help tell the story, often with more clarity and eloquence than the text itself.

Residencies offered by Theater Grottesco are among the very best physical theater trainings available in the United States. Based on the Lecoq technique, these classes heighten presence, instinctual response, spatial awareness, and ensemble techniques through the exploration of physical theatrical styles.

Styles include:

  • Buffoon

  • Clown

  • Tragedy

  • Commedia Dell'Arte

  • Baal Masks (and other mask styles)

  • Ensemble Story Telling

  • Melodrama

  • Basic Ensemble Training

  • Dance/Theater

  • and explorations in combined and evolving styles as yet unnamed...

This is about empowering the theater artist; broadening skills beyond the spoken word; creating a visceral visual dynamic that simultaneously stimulates an audience's emotions and intellect. Herein lies the potential to engage the experienced audience member and the child with the same production.


Professional Masterclasses and Workshops for the general public are offered at the Theater Grottesco studio. Professional residencies are available for theaters and universities. Theater Grottesco offers corporate training and works in the schools, pre-school through high school.










INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOPS AND MASTERCLASSES: Choose from the styles listed above. Also available are Lecture-demonstrations, interactive open rehearsals, and discussions of style, creation, arts administration and touring. Availability: single sessions to several days, weeks or months.

SPECIFIC TRAINING FOR YOUR PRODUCTION: Physicalize a production you are working on and heighten the cast's ability to support style and theme. Availability: single sessions to several days. One to four weeks for creation, two to six weeks including performances.


CREATING ORIGINAL WORK: Intensive ensemble work focused in a chosen style leading to the creation of original work that can be performed at the end of the residency. One to four weeks for creation, two to six weeks including performances. Four to five weeks is optimum.


PERFORMING WITH GROTTESCO: Add participant performances of short Grottesco pieces, and pieces performed by Grottesco's directors for an evening of short works that can fill a performance slot. Four to five weeks is optimum.

PERFORMING A FULL-LENGTH GROTTESCO PRODUCTION: Basic physical training with intensive work in the style of an already produced Grottesco play. In mounting the show, actors put their training to use. Directors, writers, designers, builders, and stitchers experience Grottesco's commitment to a startling, challenging theater that dares to break boundaries. Five weeks minimum.


COMMISSIONING GROTTESCO: Witness Grottesco artists delving into the unknown to create a new production. Your artists may participate as performers, writers, designers, builders, stitchers. Three to twelve weeks.


Past College & University residencies include American College of Switzerland, Vanderbilt, Emory, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado College, Virginia Wesleyan, Florida State, Texas Christian, Occidental, Pomona, Loyola Marymount, United World College, Creighton, University of Illinois, Notre Dame, Iowa State, Ohio Wesleyan, University of Massachusetts, Alverno, Stephens, Miami-Dade, SUNY Binghamton & Plattsburgh, St. Mary’s, MNOhio University, Colorado State, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Miami of OH, University of Puget Sound, Bucknell University, University of NM, Eastern AZ University, ASU, Prescott College.

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