Theater Grottesco is offering two masterclasses this winter, both taught by founder John Flax. The classes will take place at the Grottesco Studio in Santa Fe. 

Spaces are limited. 

The Physical Greek Chorus

John Flax has led Grottesco’s three and half year exploration of the Greek Chorus. In Grottesco’s Chorus, the ensemble moves instinctively, as one organism, without choreography and supported by a physical and vocal language allowing each artist to “propose” the next step that the others immediately understand and are able to support in what might best be described as a physical composition, created in real time, much like a musical composition. This is a chorus without blocking or choreography that is completely alive and able to move as one entity.

Silent Story Telling

In 18th century France, as an effort to rein in the sacrilege of theater, the King banned speaking in public places, except for the church. The theater community responded by developing pantomime blanche, a silent story telling style. A story told today might contain devices from film including pans, close-ups, and pull-backs, where the actors are performing in miniature while creating full scenes through the use of sound and the portrayal of objects. No words.

GODFREY REGGIO’S latest film ONCE WITHIN A TIME, featuring Grottesco performers Apollo Garcia, Tara Khozein and John Flax, will premiere October 22nd at the Santa Fe International Film Festival. Godfrey Reggio, revolutionary film maker of the Qatsi trilogy, will be honored with a life time achievement award at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe. Find more information here.

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Since moving to the U.S. from France, Grottesco’s major support has shifted from government to individuals to foundations and now the great COVID pause. We’re reaching out to our next partners to join us on a wild and fun ride. Watch our very short GO FUND ME campaign video for details.

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Talking Theatre Santa Fe interview with John Flax and Scott Harrison

"Talking Theatre Santa Fe!" is a series of live conversations between Ironweed Productions Artistic Director Scott Harrison and Santa Fe theatre artists: sharing stories about their experiences in the theatre and the unique paths they've taken to creating theatre in Santa Fe.

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