TG creates a new kind of performance that is visual, explosive and full of surprise. The Grottesco Ensemble rekindles interest in live performance by juxtaposing classical and modern theatrical styles with a daring, poetic research of culture and imagination, giving voice to the marginal elements of our contemporary society, and taking audiences to the brink of emotional wonder and soulful reflection.


Since postponing our spring production, we’ve been on the COVID merry-go-guessing-round: safe performances, safe rehearsals, indoors, outdoors, streaming, waiting, watching. Our show is election sensitive. It’s time.

Originally entitled THE OTHER, this is a companion piece to 2019’s DIFFERENT. Both are improvisations where fearless performers fly without a net held aloft by an invisible structure of physical and vocal ‘prompts’ along with stories they know but have not memorized.

DIFFERENT delved into the world of Greek Tragedy. Buffoonery is the opposite. As Tragedy speaks to the Gods, Buffoonery speaks to the devil. Buffoonery is inspired by medieval leper colonies and ships of fools, where those who were different were cast out. Legend has it they found each other one by one in the forests or on waterways, where they formed their own strange societies, reflections of our own. These people have nothing to lose. They are the King’s Fools, the only ones permitted to speak truth to power. Of course, if they go too far it could be fatal. THE OTHER celebrates a family of Buffoons summoned to entertain the King’s Court. They’ve dusted off their best rags and polished little tricks and songs. Each has a fairy tale to tell (none of which are completed in their roundabout logic. Then finally, they arrive at a shared tale called THE KING WITHOUT A KINGDOM, told in exquisite detail. This is why they've agreed to appear.

Our new title is THE KING WITHOUT A KINGDOM. Each buffoon will tape themselves in the safety of their own homes. The timeless or medieval buffoons are now pandemic isolators who have spent a little too much time alone. They will shorten their introductions and get right to the shared story. Our longtime video collaborators at Lightningwood Productions will edit the 6 versions into a piece which we will stream online in early October. This will be the craziest stream you’ve ever seen. Information will be available soon for viewing.

 For some reason, in this brave new world, it still costs to put even a streamed production together. Artists get paid. Help us put this up if you are able!




Nov, 2019

"Six women stand perfectly still, facing one another. And then they begin to move, as if one organism, flexing and contracting and then breaking apart, shattering themselves across the stage. One actor snaps her fingers. The others join in, one by one. They stomp their feet as they march inward on each other, their hissing and moaning growing louder. A voice rises above them, providing a line of story, and then they’re quiet again. Their gestures become more fluid, and they begin to whistle, which resembles a morning birdsong."

Lauren LaRocca, Pasatiempo


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