Theater Grottesco stands in solidarity with all communities, all across the globe, whose individuals live under the unimaginable daily burden of prejudice in all its shapes and forms. In the case of George Floyd, the evidence is so obvious and the repeated offenses so chronic and systemic that it is way past time for action. 

This happens at a time when the world is in a great pause due to pandemic. It is a time to unsubscribe from all things we wish to discontinue and with the energy and clarity created to craft a better world going forward. We join all who are calling for arrests, criminal charges, and justice related to Mr. Floyd's death. 

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TG creates a new kind of performance that is visual, explosive and full of surprise. The Grottesco Ensemble rekindles interest in live performance by juxtaposing classical and modern theatrical styles with a daring, poetic research of culture and imagination, giving voice to the marginal elements of our contemporary society, and taking audiences to the brink of emotional wonder and soulful reflection.


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Nov, 2019

"Six women stand perfectly still, facing one another. And then they begin to move, as if one organism, flexing and contracting and then breaking apart, shattering themselves across the stage. One actor snaps her fingers. The others join in, one by one. They stomp their feet as they march inward on each other, their hissing and moaning growing louder. A voice rises above them, providing a line of story, and then they’re quiet again. Their gestures become more fluid, and they begin to whistle, which resembles a morning birdsong."

Lauren LaRocca, Pasatiempo


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