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In the Studio

Our new production is entitled TWO ARTISTS IN PRISON.

Two imprisoned artists must narrate stories daily to appease their unidentified guards. Today the story is Beowulf and only one of the prisoners knows the story.

But they have no choice. As the story unfolds, they engage in thought-provoking asides and questions touching on themes of heroism, wealth, Christianity’s overpowering of Paganism, the roles of the sexes in Mythic tales and artists as storytellers. The two prisoners develop a unique storytelling style, incorporating physical imagery, Greek Chorus and crude projections.

TWO ARTISTS challenges the audience to question the identity of the unseen guards and reflect on their role in perpetuating censorship and conformity, ultimately asking artists and audience whether we have the courage to break free from societal constraints. 


Please help us raise $25,000 by December 31st.

The world needs imagination, metaphor, truth, humor and beauty more than ever. By supporting Theater Grottesco, you can help us continue delivering these essential elements to our audiences and deliver innovative performances in Santa Fe.


Wishing you good health and great cheer. We appreciate your support!



"If previous works by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass brought the destructive force of human activities to the fore, this new collaboration provides an injection of innocence and the possibility of hope. In this imaginative work, children inhabit a surreal and whimsical world created in a studio. Dreamlike scenes guide us through a journey into the subconscious, where youngsters take center stage. Shot digitally but designed to evoke the celluloid aesthetic, the film appears as nostalgic sci-fi tying together past and future.”

Once Within a Time will be screening in Santa Fe as part of a full retrospective of his work at the Center for Contemporary Arts from November 10-16.

Reggio and Grottesco featured performers Apollo Garcia and John Flax will be at the screenings November 10th (6pm) and November 12th (1:30) for an audience talk back.


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