TG creates a new kind of performance that is visual, explosive and full of surprise. The Grottesco Ensemble rekindles interest in live performance by juxtaposing classical and modern theatrical styles with a daring, poetic research of culture and imagination, giving voice to the marginal elements of our contemporary society, and taking audiences to the brink of emotional wonder and soulful reflection.


Grottesco is learning Covid theatre on the fly. Lesson #1: The Buffoon Fairy Tale, The King Without a Kingdom, fondly dubbed KWAK, has only just begun. KWAK traced the King finally finding his Kingdom. In KWAK II, a spunky young girl journeys to a cave where Who, the old warrior, is rumored to live. Only he can challenge the King who has been covering the kingdom in Veils that poison the land and obscure the people’s vision. 


Look for KWAK II in February. KWAK I will also be available for those who missed it. 



“I want to acknowledge this nearly impossible time in which to make art, and how courageous it is of your company to work together in isolation.”


“Such fun! and so very creative....I kept wondering how you kept it so connected while filming separately….I'm so glad to see the arts thriving in this extraordinary time! Long live Theater Grottesco!”

“I saw it twice. I love the simple maxims…this was surely the genius of the play. I laughed out loud (and) love how your company uses story-telling more than traditional character dialogue.” 

“BRAVA! You have done something extraordinarily difficult: a form of theatre which is highly physical, by artists who express themselves in deeply subtle and grand physical expression, adapted to a screen format, in isolation from one another under collective circumstances. You have moved mountains!” 


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On The Horizon with Francesca Christian

On the Horizon goes behind the scenes with Theater Grottesco Interview by Francesca Christian, October 2020

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