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TWO ARTISTS in PRISON is an original play where creativity becomes a lifeline in the face of captivity. In an imagined near future where teachers, journalists, artists and all who are “different” are imprisoned, two artists must tell a story every day to appease the guards. Today, the story is BEOWULF and one of the prisoners doesn’t know the story. 


Together, their imaginations take the audience on a journey of one of Western civilization’s oldest stories, exploring the origins of wealth, the necessity of THE OTHER to define good and evil, and the courage of artists as the keepers of stories.

TWO ARTISTS will be performed by TG ensemble members Danielle Louise Reddick and Mona Malec and directed by John Flax and Apollo Garcia. TG has partnered with veteran groups along with international teens to craft a script that resonates with diverse perspectives and experiences. Audiences can look forward to a unique blend of Theater Grottesco’s signature physical theater styles and thought provoking experiences. 

TWO ARTISTS runs May 23 - June 9 at Teatro Paraguas (second space) in Santa Fe. 




GROTTESCO AUDIENCES LOVE DRAMA! We reached our fund raising goal as the clock struck twelve. Grottesco
audiences are also extraordinarily precise. We were within single dollars of our exact goal.

You all are the best! Let’s make 2024 fantastic!



"If previous works by Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass brought the destructive force of human activities to the fore, this new collaboration provides an injection of innocence and the possibility of hope. In this imaginative work, children inhabit a surreal and whimsical world created in a studio. Dreamlike scenes guide us through a journey into the subconscious, where youngsters take center stage. Shot digitally but designed to evoke the celluloid aesthetic, the film appears as nostalgic sci-fi tying together past and future.”

Grottesco members Tara Khozein, Apollo Garcia and John Flax are featured in the film.

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