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TWO ARTISTS in PRISON is an original play where creativity becomes a lifeline in the face of captivity. In an imagined near future where teachers, journalists, artists and all who are “different” are imprisoned, two artists must tell a story every day to appease the guards. Today, the story is BEOWULF and one of the prisoners doesn’t know the story.


Together, their imaginations take the audience on a journey of one of western civilization’s oldest stories, exploring the origins of wealth, the necessity of THE OTHER to define good and evil, and the courage of artists as the keepers of stories/history.


TWO ARTISTS will be performed by Danielle Reddick and Mona Malec and directed by John Flax and Apollo Garcia.TG has partnered with veteran groups along with international teens to craft a script that resonates with diverse perspectives and experiences. Audiences can look forward to a unique blend of Theater Grottesco’s signature physical theater styles.

“This show has been simmering for ten years, inspired by Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s beautiful translation and more recently by American Maria Dahvana Headley. And then there is the actor’s nightmare with the curtain about to go up and one actor says to the other, ‘I don’t know my lines.’ Only this time, the other calmly says, ‘just follow me.’” — John Flax



Danielle Reddick 

a long-time New Mexico resident, grew up in New York City where she worked as an actor, solo performer, puppeteer, percussionist and in the international touring company of STOMP. In addition to Grottesco, she is currently a performer at Meow Wolf and a puppeteer for the New Mexico Museum of Art’s Baumann Marionette Troupe. 

Danielle has worked as an actor in film, television and new media. She is a nationally certified fitness instructor and is developing a system of movement training for actors called SoHyp. Danielle has been the curator of the performance salon The RedQuyn Experience. She graduated magna cum laude from SFUAD with a BFA in theater/acting and holds a MFA from Goddard College’s Interdisciplinary Arts program. She performs two solo shows: ASK LOUISE and HYPNOPOMPIC CHRONICLES. 

Mona Malec is a world champion Highland Games athlete, actress, power lifter, and mother of two. She has dabbled in movie & TV and has performed on stage in productions by Santa Fe Playhouse, IronWeed Productions, the Lensic, & Theater Grottesco. In 2019 she co-wrote and produced a one person show with collaborator Rod Harrison.

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