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DIFFERENT is a structured improvisation. The company has been working for a year on ensemble, the foundation of Greek Chorus and Tragedy. They will recount an adaption of the story of Joan of Arc but without memorized text or choreography. Who tells each step of the story, how the details are added, and how the powerful Grottesco physicality weaves it into something that might be considered a musical composition is something that will be different every night and can only be experienced live. 


This is a bold form of theatrical storytelling that most have never seen before. Longtime collaborator, Patrick Mehaffy, has delivered an adaptation of the Joan of Arc story with surprising twists and redemption. The ensemble has twisted it further.  


Performers are Karen Light, Susan Skeele, Susie Perkins, Robin Duda, Myriah Duda, and long-time Grottesco member Danielle Reddick, under the guidance of Grottesco’s founder, John Flax.  


Strange and unexpected connections to our lives and times leap from the stage in daring bursts, as the Grottesco performers fly without the net of memorized text and rehearsed choreography. 


DIFFERENT Teaser 4,36

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