PIE is a comedic and magical exploration of what happens when we don’t know what to do next. The play begins as four clownish characters arrive at a panel discussion, only to find that the moderator is a no-show. As tensions rise in a series of Rube Goldbergian accidents, the characters have a collective emotional breakdown and accidentally hit the restart button on the universe. A skewed history of reality then unravels, from moments before the Big Bang to the electronic baroque of today.


PIE was created by Danielle Reddick, veteran of STOMP!; Tara Khozein, a classical singer; Apollo Garcia, a circus artist; John Flax, TG artistic director; and Suzuki teacher and director Kent Kirkpatrick.



DIFFERENT is the product of a rigorous exploration into ensemble as Greek Chorus, retelling an adaptation of the Joan of Arc story. Grottesco has thrown its considerable physicality into a carefully built structure of physical and vocal ‘prompts’ that support the improvised telling of
the story by a gifted ensemble.


DIFFERENT is a 60 minute structured improvisation without choreography, a score or lighting cues. All ensemble members know the story but it has not been memorized and there is no delineation of who tells which section. The experience is much like the recounting of a favorite book or movie, only in the style of Greek Tragedy made modern. It conjures a jazz improvisation with musicians who have worked together for a long time and have agreed upon the precise forms they will follow.



CONSIDER THIS... is a backstage pass to an understanding of theatrical style from Greek Tragedy to Commedia dell’arte, Clown, Buffoon, masks and more. Mardi Gras is connected to Ships of Fools and the style of Buffoon. Commedia dell’arte began in the Italian Farmer’s Markets. In the 1700’s, the French Church convinced the King to ban public speaking as a way of curbing political dissent. Theater Grottesco blends
classical and modern styles to stamp their indelible identity onto unforgettable original works which transform audiences by the worlds created, the characters that inhabit them, the stories told and the humanity shared.

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